Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife Review and Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to knives Schrade is a name and a brand that people trust. Always providing the ideal tool for the job Schrade faced quite a challenge when it had to produce a knife that was capable of being the right tool for any job. The company answered the call with the Schrade extreme survival knife, and this blade is more than up to any task that someone would need it for in the wild.


The Schrade SCHF9 extreme survival knife looks every inch the all-around tool it's supposed to be. The knife is roughly 12 inches long, and the blade itself is 6.4 inches. The knife itself weighs 15.9 ounces (just under a pound), and it can be worn comfortably at the hip or carried in a bad without any trouble at all. The knife has a gray finish, a standard edge (no serration present), and a grip that's shaped to fit the hand comfortably without giving up on the closeness a good hilt provides. The tip is also thicker and blunter than one might expect from a survival knife.



While technically a part of the knife's specs, the steel the blade is made from deserves its own section. 1096 high carbon steel is what makes up the blade, and knife connoisseurs know that this is a very popular steel for high performance blades that need to last a long time. Generally considered harder than standard stainless steel, this steel will also hold an edge longer. That's a huge advantage for a survival tool that's likely to see a lot of action when someone takes it out into the wilds. While the knife is prone to rust, a little bit of care can make sure oxidation really isn't an issue. Oiling the blade regularly, and carrying it out of the sheathe (along with keeping it dry, of course) are good steps to make sure that when you really need it this blade is clean and ready to go to work.

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The SCHF9, despite how simple it might look from the outside, is a blade that performs fantastically in nearly any situation it's needed for. The curve of the knife makes it ideal for chopping, allowing it to replace a camp ax or hatchet, for instance. The edge is sharp enough to cut or peel though, making it a tool that can be used for food or work with equal aplomb. As mentioned the tip is a little blunter than a user might expect, but this is an advantage rather than a disadvantage. Combat knives tend to be sharpened and honed at the point because their job is to stab, but a survival knife is more of a cutting, hacking, and peeling tool. A sharpened tip is thinner, weaker, and more likely to break under heavy use. This means that a blunter tip is hardier, and more likely to help the knife last a little bit longer while one is in the wilds.


While it won't necessarily replace an ax or a smaller knife for more delicate jobs in the wild, the Schrade extreme survival knife is designed to be the only knife that someone needs to take out into the uncivilized tracts with them. The goal was to create something that could be a one-stop-shop when it came to tools, and this knife does that job very well indeed. Given that it is no more costly than other camp implements, and significantly less expensive than many purported "ultimate survival knives," the Schrade SCHF9 is definitely not something you want to leave behind at home when you head into the woods.

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